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The city of Agropthos is located in the Cardillic Desert, at what one might call the crook of the Varrag Peninsula, at the northern tip of Shark's Fin Bay. The city occupies land on both sides of the bay, along with several small islands on the western side.


Agropthos is on the northern fringe of Cardyl, the westernmost of the Seven Deserts. South and west of the city, the terrain is mostly rocky, while north and east of the city the terrain is a more traditional sand desert. There is a small hill to the northeast of the city proper, known locally as the Rock of the Djinn, on which sit the School of the Wind and the headquarters of the mages' guild.


Agropthos is known throughout the Seven Deserts as the City of Law, as it has a very strict, but fair, judicial system. It is ruled by Sultan Bedou dan Yuwar, who controls much of the region's spice trade. The city is walled, and the gates are closed from dusk to dawn. It is also the location of the preeminent temple of Laurent in all Ardrana. Named the House of the Ever-Turning Wheel, it is led by the high priestess Al Na'ir.


Agropthos is a very important trading city, sitting as it does at the northernmost accessible port in the Seven Deserts. Because of this, it is often known as the "Gateway to the Seven Deserts". It receives many goods by both land and sea, and so is the starting point for many caravans that cross the desert to the north and east as well as being home to a large fleet of merchant ships that travel to the south around the bay and the peninsula.

Agropthos is also the northern end of the Sandilaht Trail, a rough path that runs along the western shore of the bay that is used less frequently by travelers from the south and west. The city maintains an expansive caravanserai on its northern edge, where caravans bound for Kat Mahn Du or Pei Ling or simply to trade with the nomadic Desert Elves begin and end their journeys.


In addition to the temple of Laurent, there are important temples to Varice -- who, as the Flame of Justice, is highly revered in this Lawful city -- Bassik, Gaiya and Vendamatrix in Agropthos. The temple of Varice holds a two-week long festival annually, before and after the Day of Change.

The city also has a bustling night market, especially down in the seaport district. Since this is the only way in or out of the city at night, and the city has cooled off from the scorching daytime sun, many fishermen take the opportunity to prepare and sell their wares.