Al Sha'in

From Ardrana

Al Sha'in is a half-Elven priestess of Laurent. She is the daughter of Herez, a Human woman, and Velesi, a Desert Elven ranger. She was born in the city of Rogariel, but fled to the SouthLands following her rejection of a marriage arranged by her grandfather. She hired herself as navigator to a departing ship, and traveled all the way to Morelenas.

She has had many adventures in the time since her departure from the desert. She has often worked closely with Beatrice and her companions -- especially Trave -- and recently traveled with Arista. With her Gnomish friend, she briefly entered the service of Lady Allegra Brownstoke before her disappearance.

In between adventures, Al Sha'in has often made her living as a fortune-teller, a trade which she currently plies in Hanmer. Following her return there from Semmarch, she agreed to rejoin SpringRite on his recent quest to Jar-Kahn. She then returned once more to Hanmer before settling in Agropthos, where she was accepted into the House of the Ever-Turning Wheel. With this position, she is hoping to someday make enough money to search for her father, whom she has not seen since shortly after her birth.