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The gaming world of Ardrana is the result of many years of gaming using the Dungeons & Dragons gaming system, from the Basic set in the early '80s up to, and including, a couple of very brief 3rd Edition campaigns (one gaming group went so far as to create characters for a 4th Edition campaign, but decided not to actually play the game). Terminology from the gaming system may occasionally creep in, but is present for the purpose of providing context for some of the structure of the world.

Much of the information contained in these pages is drawn from literary and gaming resources as well as other media. Many character names may be drawn directly from or based on these sources, but any resemblance in the actual character beyond those names is purely coincidental. Also, you will occasionally find individual source material that has been used within the files, and all such instances are noted within the text of the individual pages. These are also present for the purpose of providing context, and are not intended as copyright violations.

If you object to any posting of material on this site, please contact the site administrators. Thank you!