Aria Chervil

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Aria Chervil is a human noblewoman who currently lives in the city of Gascar. Originally from Pei Ling, she is also a former song mage who accompanied Ral Brahalst.

Early years

Originally named just "Aria", she left Pei Ling at age 18 and joined Brahalst's adventuring group, which was based in Kat Mahn Du. A few years later, along with Brahalst, Vilthuril Rose, Khay Gativa, Valdris and Variance, she rescued Jayar Telva from a band of pirates that had kidnapped him. As a reward, she was granted a barony within the Duchy of Gascar. She took her surname, Chervil, from the name given to the land in the barony, which is famous for its crop of that herb.

Later years

After continuing to adventure some time, Chervil settled down in Gascar itself. She married a local merchant, Tosthen, and the two settled into his home, a three-story manor along the Laburnum River. Together, the two built Tosthen's operation in the city. She has left the day-to-day running of her barony to her eldest child, Nelthilta, while she focuses on her dealings in Gascar.


In addition to Nelthilta, Aria has two sons and three other daughters. The eldest son, Tycho, has vowed to follow in his mother's footsteps as an adventurer.