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Arista is an acomplished Gnomish illusionist. Her home is in Mirito, a small town in the Gnomish homeland of Alior. Arista began her studies at a school run by a gnome named Cristaniel, and had a brief affair with him, after which she left his school, and Cristaniel moved both himself and his school to Byngh.

She has spent the majority of her young life as an adventurer. Her most noted exploits took place in the company of Beatrice and her group as they explored the Caves of Chaos, aided in the defense of Shael i'Vor against the Maluur, and most recently investigated the shift in power in Hanaellan. That group has now broken apart.

For a time, Arista resumed her studies at the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge and believes she may have discovered a lost illusionist art focusing on the five senses. To further her research, Arista has left Jar-Kahn and has embarked on another quest to learn more about Sensory Illusionism. Most recently, she has been traveling with Lady Allegra Brownstoke, thinking that perhaps her book might aid her in her research.

Arista is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.