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Bastor is a fighter. He hails from the town of Lennick, and has spent the last few years serving in the White Army under the command of Beatrice. He is a true friend, and has found a kindred spirit in his adventuring buddy and fellow soldier, Klaven. Bastor enjoys challenging Klaven to a drinking contest in every inn along the adventuring path, and he loves to flirt with the wenches he encounters. The latter has, thus far, met with little success.

Although his time in the army has mellowed him, no amount of military training can truly take the boy out of the man. Beatrice and Arista constantly admonish he and Klaven for their immature attitude, but when the chips are down, Bastor is a fierce warrior and has gotten his fellow adventurers out of a scrape or two. He was last known to be with Klaven trying to discover the reasoning for Mirdael Hanaestor's withdrawal from the White Alliance.

Bastor is the first cousin of Baron Beauregard of Tommard.