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Brianna Carter is a half-Elven priestess of Helandra. Originally from Auden, a small town in the region of Kellan, she left her home in her 19th year and spent a lot of time traveling around the country looking for a place where she could belong. She found it when she received a calling from the Lady of the Night and, after taking instruction in Helandra’s temple for a time, was sent back out into the world again on her goddesses instruction to find the path the Lady had intended for her.

Character history

Brianna was an only child brought up solely by her Human mother, Rose Carter, in the town of Auden. She never knew her Elven father, other that he was only with her mother for the briefest of affairs before going his own way -- a fact that the town’s gossips would never really forget, and as the only Elven-looking child she grew unfeeling that she never really belonged. Instead of mixing with the other children, she would spend most of her time with her mother at her job as a cook at the estate of Wythrin Mausley, one of the town's prominent landholders. Still, it was almost impossible for her mother to make ends meet, so it became necessary for Brianna to do small services for the local underworld figures to get through each winter. Since her peers had to be kept in the dark, this made her feel distanced even further from them.

Once she was able to work herself, she began working alongside her mother, and life for them seemed to improve. Still, Brianna felt that her own life had become pretty static, and it might have remained so if not for a virulent plague that swept through the area, taking the lives of many of the townspeople, including her mother. With nothing left for her in Auden, she left her home in an attempt to find her father and learn of his people in hopes of making a new life for herself. However, the task of finding her father proved fruitless, and she quickly discovered that she was no more accepted by the Elves than she was by the people of her own town.

The next few years were spent aimlessly wandering from place to place, working legally when she could, and using her knowledge of the workings of the underworld to get by when she couldn't. However, feelings of never fitting in still plagued her, so she never really stayed in any one place for very long. Her life became more of a dreary existence, and she found herself turning to religion to try and fill the ever-present gap in her life. Like everything else in her life at this stage, she would join temple congregations on a whim, then quickly discover that they didn’t meet her expectations and leave just as suddenly. Then one day, again on a whim, she came upon a temple of Helandra. However, unlike her previous forays, this time she stuck around and began to feel a growing acceptance by the other worshipers, finally finding a place she felt she could be a part of. Even so, she was never really religious, and as hard as she tried she never truly believed in the existence of the goddess, but she thought it was enough that the other members welcomed her. That would all change in the span of an evening.

On the night of what was to be her revelation, she was alone in the temple doing some tidying up after a ritual, a task for which she often volunteered. This night was different, though, as when she was kneeling beneath the skylight, making a pretense at prayer in the view of the Lady's moon as she often had, she was shocked out of her mundane thoughts by a vision of the Lady of the Night, which came and spoke with her. She joined the order not long afterward ,thinking this must be what the goddess wished of her. However, a few months later the goddess again came to her, informing her that her life had a purpose, and that she would need to go out into the world again and discover for herself what it was. So it was that, for the third time in her life, Brianna left to find herself. Her travels eventually took her to a small temple of Helandra in the city of Glespi, where she found the beginnings of the goddess' chosen path for her, along with the oddest of partnerships.

It was in Glespi that she met Skellion and, recognizing that her path somehow lay with the saurial, became his self-appointed guardian. After an incident forced him to flee Glespi, they traveled together to Nazivonema, where she hoped to set up a new life for him. Soon after arriving they spotted a poster seeking those interested in joining a newly-formed adventuring party by Rhone. At Skellion's desperate insistence and despite her reluctance they went to speak with Rhone at the Red Dragon Inn, where he was interviewing potential party members, in order to put themselves forward.

Physical appearance

Brianna is 28 years old, is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and 130 pounds. She is of slim, athletic Elven build, has short cropped black hair and sun-darkened golden skin. She seems to have taken the attractive appearance of the Elven half of her parentage, as her ears are pointed as those of the elves and she could easily pass for one. The only feature she seems to have taken from her mother is her mother’s light gray eyes.

Brianna is a PC played by Lou McLeary.