Caves, Still Chaotic

From Ardrana

Although the Caves of Chaos had been cleaned out not long before, rumors began circulating that monsters had returned, and that a cave-in in one of the deeper caves had opened a passage deeper into the UnderWorld. Kent Mydland sent Beatrice and her squad to investigate. They discovered that, indeed, such a passage existed, but that the Servants of Kuraliskar were still poking around.

The party was able to capture an initiate of the Servants named Mothra along with one of their guards. Originally, Beatrice wanted to abandon them to the mercies of a giant water snake they had encountered in an underground lake, but Garrett, a new member of her team and a paladin, objected. Beatrice dismissed him from her team to take the guard back to Semmarch. Eventually, the party woke up one morning to find that Mothra and one of the party members, Trave, had disappeared. They took that as a sign to call of the mission and report back to Kent. Beatrice was officially reprimanded and relieved of regular army duty, with her duties to be restricted to special assignments at Kent's discretion.

Cast of characters

This adventure was run by John Proulx. The following characters were involved in this adventure at one time or another: