Dorin the Axeman

From Ardrana

Dorin is the second of the four sons of Thorin Orchammer, who was king of the Dwarves of the Thair Mountains during the latter days of the Wars of Arin. In his youth, Dorin made his name much like his elder brother Thorin did -- as an adventurer. Much as Thorin became renowned for his skill with the crossbow, Dorin was known as the most skilled warrior of his day with the battle axe.

In many ways, Dorin was a mirror image of his elder brother. Just as Thorin struck up a close and lasting friendship with the human warrior Zorg, so too did Dorin and Zorg's brother, Borg, forge lasting bonds during their days as adventurers. In some ways, both Dwarves were following in the footsteps of their father and his own partnership with Xorg, and in doing so they created an alliance with the humans of the city of Braith that has lasted for many decades and looks to last for many more.

Today, Dorin is the commander of all the Dwarven forces of the Thair Mountains. He is responsible for the defense of the entire range, and the occasional offensive move against the orcs of Arin. Some consider him a bit of a micro-manager, as he insists on being involved in as much of the decision-making process as he can. He often requests meetings with individual scouts or messengers so that he might have his finger on the pulse of the entire area. At least thus far, it has worked for him, as his forces have never been defeated on the field.

Dorin was a PC played by Kevin Clark who is now used as an NPC.