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Emilina, or Emi as she prefers to be called, is a half-Elven Thief from the city of Semmarch. She currently works as a messenger for the village of Promise Junction while also participating in a number of adventures.

Early life

Emi's father, Kenabar, was a member of the Thieves' Guild of Semmarch until his death several years ago. Through him, she met Arnje, who became something of a mentor to her during her early days while she coped with her dad's death and worked for the guild.

She hasn't seen her mother, BlueMay, since she departed for parts unknown over a year ago, but she has fond memories of sitting beneath the trees of the Filitir and watching her scribing in delicate scripts about the environment around her.

Recent events

For several years, Emi lived in Tavin's boarding house in Semmarch with her friend, Rin. There, eking out an existence as a messenger while receiving training through membership in the local thieves' guild. Her athleticism and enjoyment of running has served to expand her messenger duties beyond city limits and she has begun to make her presence felt in other cities in the area including Ezrick, Warshick, and even Braith in the Thair Mountains.

More recently, Emi and Rin decided to try out the adventuring life. Intrigued by an advertisement posted an outfit called Yensid, the two traveled to Gascar, where they joined the organization to assist in the establishment of the Carrolwood Entertainment District. After working there for some time, Emi and her companions traveled north, eventually coming to Promise Junction.

Emi is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.