Fighting Song of Thorin's Clan

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The Dwarves of Thorin's clan often chant a marching song when fighting...or when marching, or when sitting around a table in the pub. Really, any time a group of them get together in an activity, the words of this chant can be heard. The words are fairly simple, and often the order of the lines seems random, but generally the words are:

 Fight, fight, fight, fight,
 Kill, kill, kill, kill
 Drink, drink, drink, drink,
 Eat, eat, eat, eat,
 Gold, gold, gold, gold
 Gems, gems, gems, gems"

These lines are repeated, in various order, throughout the activity. Sometimes, an additional line or two relating to the activity in question (for instance, when mining, the line "Dig, dig, dig, dig" might be added).