From Ardrana

It shouldn't be any surprise that there are eladrins who devote themselves to art, music, and magic. The firres (pronounced "feers") are creatures who live for beauty; their lives are consumed by a fiery passion for art of any kind, and they strive to make their own existence a living image of wonder and delight.

The firre eladrins live as wandering minstrels and bards in Arborea, attending the courts of more powerful eladrins or tarrying to entertain a circle of coures in a forgotten dell. Their pursuit of beauty leads them to any place where art, skill, or grace is held in high esteem. A body could run across a firre traveling the Outlands or visiting the palaces of neutral-aligned powers just as easily as he’d find one in Arborea. Firres have a deep love and appreciation of mortal art, and often embark on lengthy sojourns on the Prime Material Plane to seek out works of excellence.

In their natural form, firre eladrins resemble stocky Elves with brilliant red hair and fiery red eyes. At first glance, a firre might be taken for a half-Elf, but her eyes give her away; they have no iris or pupils, and glow brightly with the firre’s inner flame. Firres can also transform themselves into man-sized pillars or balls of fire; in this form they can fly at the listed rate.

Firre rarely gather together. Instead, they prefer to travel alone. In the court of a tulani eladrin, it’s unusual to find more than one or two firres. The firres may be the most accessible eladrins apart from the noviere; firres routinely seek out mortals of skill and beauty, and travel freely among all ranks of eladrin. Like the ghaeles, the firres often embrace causes among the mortals of the Prime Material Plane, doing what they can to help preserve those who revere art.

Firres are greatly valued throughout the Upper Planes and in most of the chaotic ones for their remarkable vocal skill. Nothing can match the eldritch beauty of a firre’s song.

Note: Firres originally appeared in this form in the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II for the AD&D game from TSR. Their use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.