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This adventure began after Dalva left her group behind in Daro when their previous mission came to an end, and several other of their companions departed for Mariscora, leaving Condesa Rosalín as'Quanada -- posing as a local commoner named Rosa -- in their care. With the group now committed to guarding a caravan bound for Aleton, Shale naturally took command of the group's activities.

Departing Daro

On the way to meet the caravan, Gilbert went with Siege to Sedric's temple to see if he could get his notes copied in order to give them to Ora to take to Mariscora, but they were out of luck. The two joined their companions -- Shale, Rakeor, Emi, Rin, Maialen, and Rosa at the caravan. A pair of Halflings -- Arteck, the caravan's organizer, and Solidus, a priest of Varice who served as their healer -- greeted them. The priest ruffled a few feathers when he cast detect evil on those assembled without warning, saying it was part of the caravan's rules, along with some other strictures that rankled the Dwarves. They were then told to report to the head of the guards, a Halfling named Arby Culver, who assigned their guard positions. Rosa asked if she could ride in one of the carts, and she was directed toward the hindmost cart, a vehicle filled with mining equipment which belonged to a pair of Dwarves and was driven by a Human named Eckhorn. Once she and Maialen were situated, the caravan departed.

As the caravan made its way along the shore of Shark's Fin Bay toward its next stop in Cardimer, Arby went around to the newest members of the caravan to assess their defensive capabilities. Rin, atop one of the chicken cages on Annie's cart, flustered Arby, so he moved on to talk to the two Lastini in the rear cart. His many questions didn't sit too well with the two women, but they did their best to mollify him, although Maialen cast know history on him as he returned to his post.

Elsewhere, Siege and the two Dwarves chatted with Chauncey, the lead teamster, who filled them in on some of the hazards of the region. Meanwhile, Gilbert and Solidus chatted about their previous experiences and a neophyte guard named Carawin joined in briefly. A short time later, Arby asked Siege to run up to tell the two scouts, Emi and a mounted Human named Brik, to rejoin the caravan as they were stopping to water the horses...

Cast of characters

This adventure is being run by Shelley Proulx. Below is a list of characters who have been involved at one point or another:

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