Gilbert Sullivan

From Ardrana

Gilbert Sullivan is a Human bard, originally from Hanmer. In his youth, he studied with the renowned bard Marr Linrando, but before completing his training he decided that he could only be properly inspired through his own experience. To that end, he has been adventuring for the past several years, until recently with the Lastini Corelda, with whom he had become infatuated. He spent some time with her in Teticha, but after being rejected traveled back to Agropthos, scene of many of their adventures, to study with Mekhar, a master instructor of several wind instruments.

Gilbert is the composer and lyricist of one of the most famous latter-day comedic ballads, The Ballad of Nevyn. As such, he is renowned throughout Kellan for his comedic skill. He was rumored to be collaborating with Dynke Abbard on a grand epic about the Lastini people, but no such work has been presented to date.

He recently left Agropthos for Gascar, still seeking to rid himself of his residual feelings for Corelda. There he was recruited by Rin to help investigate the disappearance of a ship owned by the Carrolwood Project, traveling north once again. That travel led him across Mentoncha and, as seems to be his fate, back to Agropthos. While his former mentor had moved on, he did have the opportunity to learn to play the xylophone.

Gilbert Sullivan was a PC played by Rusty Larner, and is now an NPC.