House of the Ever-Turning Wheel

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The House of the Ever-Turning Wheel is a sturdy structure is the center of worship in all Ardrana of The Hand of Fate, better known outside the Seven Deserts as the deity Laurent. It stands within the financial district of Agropthos, City of Fate, which was built around the temple so that local businesses might have good fortune themselves. The high priestess, Al Na'ir, is known for her mastery of magic both divine and arcane. She has much influence within the city.

The House of Fate, as it is sometimes called, is easily identified by its red and white walls and twin towers - one at each end of the main building. Only those with a discerning eye would note that the identically constructed walls are not made of local materials. It is said that Dwarves had a hand in this building's construction. Honoring its deity's favored number, there are thirteen steps leading up to the thirteen foot tall front doors which sit at the center of each of the four walls. Each door pays further homage to Laurent by the presence of a brass wheel hanging from its panel.

Those who enter are encouraged to spin the Wheel of Fate to see where their luck lies. These wheels are placed to either side of each of the four entrances, and are operated by acolytes of the temple. At the center of the temple is a great stone wheel which serves as the altar. It is for this altar that the temple is named, as it is always slowly turning on its base through no visible means.

Festival of Change

Each year, the House of Fate sponsors a fifteen-day-long festival centered on the Day of Change. During this festival, which lasts from 24 Gilvantir until 7 Duvhalmadbarak, is a time of great celebration in the city, and draws travelers from across the Varrag Peninsula and beyond.