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This adventure involved [[Alysten]] and the portion of her compatriots decided to accompany [[Toxanthropologos Chimaeranevis|Tox]], a [[proxy]] of [[Nevis]], on a mission to track down and destroy a powerful undead creature.
This adventure involved [[Alysten]] and the portion of her compatriots decided to accompany [[Toxecanthropologoschimaeranevis|Tox]], a [[proxy]] of [[Nevis]], on a mission to track down and destroy a powerful undead creature.
== The cabin ==
== The cabin ==
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*[[Molbo]] - played by Shelley Proulx
*[[Molbo]] - played by Shelley Proulx
*[[Nevyn]] - played by Gerry O'Neill
*[[Nevyn]] - played by Gerry O'Neill
*[[Toxanthropologos Chimaeranevis|Tox]] - NPC
*[[Toxecanthropologoschimaeranevis|Tox]] - NPC
*[[Zahn]] - played by Kate Christian
*[[Zahn]] - played by Kate Christian
*[[Zin Findel]] - played by Wendy Marques
*[[Zin Findel]] - played by Wendy Marques

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This adventure involved Alysten and the portion of her compatriots decided to accompany Tox, a proxy of Nevis, on a mission to track down and destroy a powerful undead creature.

The cabin

They departed Nazivonema for a log cabin, where Tox had detected the undead. They were able to locate a secret entrance, but Nevyn broke the mechanism and Glenthalos was unable to disarm the trap on the main door. Nevyn climbed up to the roof, but fell through the thatching. Molbo used his axe to break through the secret door, but found only a middle-aged, bearded man within. Tox gave the man a gem to buy the use of the cabin for a week, and the man left.

The party found a door, which Zahn attempted to break down. When he injured his shoulder, so Molbo smashed it down himself, finding stairs leading into the cellar. Once there, Nevyn discovered a secret door, but set off a fire trap that had been placed on it. After Ed healed him, he found another door and set off yet another trap, this one a magical one that drained all his spell energy.

The passageway

On the other side of that door, the party found a room lined with sand. As they crossed it, four creatures rose out of the sand and attacked the group. Glen identified them as mamluks, and Ed was able to turn them, and they sank back into the sand. However, when Ed put his holy symbol away, they immediately rose again. Battle was joined, and the party was in the thick of things when a figure fell from...somewhere, landing in the middle of the battle. This was Aggy, an aasimar priest of Perasin who was apparently sent to aid Molbo. However, as he was drunk from his magical mead mug, he was a bit hard to understand.

The mamluks were defeated, but they party discovered that they were not dead, just in pieces. Alysten had been driven to attacking party members, and she was secured to Molbo's back. Meanwhile, Zahn picked up one of the mamluks' heads and began conversing with it. He decided to keep it with him, naming it "Tina". While Alysten struggled to free herself, the party questioned Tina, learning that it was working for a powerful wizard named Mozenrath.

In the Land of the Black Sand

Eventually, this passage led them to a set of stairs leading up to a door. Behind it were more mamluks, and Molbo loosed Alysten so he could fight. However, Nevyn was able to turn them, and Alysten tried to escape, but was knocked out by Zahn.

The group found themselves in a reception area. After some exploring, they discovered they were in the lair of Mozenrath himself in the Land of the Black Sand. Tox realized that the party was nowhere near strong enough to face him at this time, and decided to retreat. Since the party was not welcome in Agropthos due to Nevyn's activities there, they made their way to Agrabah.

In Agrabah

That night, several party members went to the Skull and Dagger. There, they encountered Mashtor, who became their drinking companion. The next day, they went to the marketplace, where they hired flying carpets to return them to Nazivonema from a merchant named Hazeem.

Meanwhile, Alysten continued her quest to find someone who would help her control her wild magic. This led her to Fasir, who told her she should seek out the Cephid Knights in the Luyan Mountains. He told her that she had but seven months to learn and stop the Maluur, and that she must leave the party to ensure their safety. Aggy also returned to his home while the rest of the group set out for Nazh.

On the fly

The five remaining party members boarded two flying carpets driven by Malar and Zimbar. The group made a point to fly around Byngh to avoid alerting Duke Mirdael, but were attacked by giant bats. Late on the third night, they reached Hanmer. Zahn attended a death rally for adherents of Nevis, while Nevyn found himself kicked out of both the local temple of Helandra and a park. The group also met old friends Andy and Paul in the Red Dragon Inn. After a couple more days on the carpet, the group finally arrived back in Nazivonema.

Cast of characters

The following characters were involved in this mission at one point or another:

  • Aggy - played by Robin Lyon
  • Alysten - played by Wendy Marques
  • Ed - NPC
  • Glenthalos - played by Rusty Larner
  • Molbo - played by Shelley Proulx
  • Nevyn - played by Gerry O'Neill
  • Tox - NPC
  • Zahn - played by Kate Christian
  • Zin Findel - played by Wendy Marques

Adventure timeline

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