Jar-Kahn (city)

From Ardrana

Jar-Kahn is a city in Fasellan on the shore of the Living Ocean. It is most well known as the home to the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge, the preeminent school of wizardry on all Ardrana. It has a temperate climate for such a northerly city, which many in the region attribute to the wizards exerting control over the weather. The Ajhaz River runs south of the city, cutting through the Cliffs of Fasel to create a (barely) usable harbor.

The city itself is, essentially, a mageocracy, with the entire city having been built to serve the needs of the school. As such, the president of the school -- currently Jhessail, who ascended to that position about four years ago -- is also its nominal ruler. The practice of arcane magic within the city is strictly prohibited except by prior authorization -- a safety issue, the mages say, to prevent amateurs from interfering with the work done within the school.

Much of the surrounding land is sparsely inhabited, mainly by roving tribes of nomads. Due to its isolated nature, there is but one inn in the city, an establishment called The End of the Road, a term meant both literally and figuratively, as it sits at the very end of the outer city's only paved road. It also has only one temple, dedicated to Malarik, the Ardic god of magic.