Judith Scarsdale

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Judith Scarsdale, "Judy" to her friends, is a member of the well-heeled Scarsdale Family of Imor. She is the middle daughter of Lord Scarsdale and his wife, Delia.


Judy is a bit of a black sheep, even among the Scarsdales, and does not have a good relationship with her father or her older sister, Ashley. She has only a slightly better relationship with her younger sister, Lily. She is known as a strong-willed young woman, and perhaps even a bit of a force of nature.

Recent events

Recently, she took a shine to SniffWind, a bard from across the ocean. Following an attack on her party to celebrate Orpheus' presence in the city, she stayed at the Red Dragon Inn, where SniffWind was also staying, to avoid the wrath of her father. She also agreed to vouch for his friend, Tripper Leebow, after he was accused of murdering Joseph Tuttle.

When SniffWind was killed by groaning spirits while seeking a cure for Orpheus, Judy left Imor via the RDI. Her current whereabouts are unknown.