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Kapalina, as she is most commonly known, while also being known variously as "Nádherný", "Proslulý", or "Paní", is a water genasi mage specializing in water elemental spells. Originally from the waters off the eastern coast of Rannas i'Drasoin, she currently makes her home in Rogariel.

Kapalina was born to a marid father and a Human mother. She was raised by Sea Elves in the shallow waters off the eastern coast of the Rannas, near the divide formed by the Wall of Night. She first learned magecraft at the Namaralee Shessla, a library that was uncovered by the sea Elves after it was sunk by the magical cataclysm that broke the continent.

After some years of studying with the sea Elves, Kapalina decided to make her own way in the world and spend some time learning the ways of her mother's people. To that end, she enrolled in the University Al Maneera in Rogariel. Although she still considers most, if not all, land dwellers to be fools, she does know that there is a small possibility that they might have some useful knowledge for her to learn.

In all things, she seeks out knowledge of a magical nature, and has taken up adventuring in an effort to broaden that knowledge. She is currently traveling with Tycho Chervil, as she is not opposed to his hopes to gain glory, as long as it also furthers her own ends.