Kent Mydland

From Ardrana

Kent Mydland is a Human fighter, the former mayor of the city of Semmarch, as well as the captain of its White Army garrison. His current whereabouts are uncertain, as he is currently wanted for treason by Duke Mirdael of Hanaellan.

Early life

Kent was born in the town of Wallenton, and as a young boy was impressed with the White Alliance for liberating their town from the Onyx Empire. He vowed that day that he would join when he was old enough, and so he did. At fifteen, he came to Semmarch and enlisted.

In those days, however, there was little for the White Army to do, with the Onyx Empire having been defeated. There were monsters hiding in various places in the area, of course, but in those days the army officially frowned upon its members taking up adventuring. Nonetheless, Kent found himself on the occasional adventure, and in his travels was struck by the awesome number and variety of weaponry that he came across. He began collecting odd weaponry, which eventually led to an interest in designing useful and unique weapons and tools.

Beginning a life

After a few years, Kent decided to make Semmarch his permanent home. He opened up a shop in the city, and became more active in dealing with the general populace. Eventually, he became a much-beloved figure in the city, and was elected mayor even before his promotion to captain fifteen years ago.

The next several years were good ones for Kent. He had no ambition to rise further in the ranks of the army, being content to command the Semmarch garrison and operate his shop. The shop was so successful that he was able to open a second one in the city of Rabk, which was operated by his cousin Binch.

Life cut short

Unfortunately, Kent's life fell apart when the ruler of the region, Mirdael Hanaestor, decided to withdraw from the White Alliance. Kent, whose city was on the northwestern border Hanaellan, decided he would resist, because he was nothing if not loyal to the Alliance. This earned him the wrath of the Duke, who ordered Kent replaced with Strickham, one of his lieutenants who had been vocal in his support of the Duke. Kent refused to recognize Strickham's authority, and it escalated to a physical confrontation.

Eventually, forces arrived from Byngh to reinforce the small cadre of men following Strickham, and a number of Alliance loyalists were imprisoned, including Kent's top lieutenant, Otillis. Kent himself was forced to flee, along with his good friend and Semmarch's former castellan Caltiera and other former Alliance officers. His shop in Semmarch was closed, and its inventory seized.

On the run

Today, Kent's whereabouts are unknown. He is thought to be hiding with the Semmarch Resistance, whose camp lies in the woods to the south of Semmarch, across the East-West Road, but that has never been confirmed. However, his name is still spoken with great affection among those in Hanaellan and elsewhere who wish to see Mirdael overthrown.