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Laurent is the Ardic god of good fortune, often called The Hand of Fate. He is opposed in all things by the god of ill fortune, Kuraliskar. His primary temple is the House of the Ever-Turning Wheel in Agropthos, the City of Fate, but temples to Laurent can be found in most large cities. In addition to Agropthos, much of the Seven Deserts tends to view The Hand of Fate as a powerful force in their lives.

Priests of Laurent tend to be highly superstitious. They are especially concerned about numbers, the number 13 being primary. Any endeavor that involves twelve of anything is considered to be doomed -- it is thought to be a signal that insufficient planning has been done for the task at hand -- while one involving thirteen is considered blessed. The colors red and white are also considered sacred, as is Laurent's holy symbol, the wheel.

Other rituals of Laurent also involve the number 13. If a group is to undertake a task, and having thirteen would be unwieldy, they may purchase tokens for one gold piece per token, so that the number of people involved and the number of tokens should add to thirteen. Additionally, those who are lucky at the gaming tables are warned to donate thirteen coins, or the next time their luck will turn bad. These coins may be of any denomination, but of course more valuable coins are more likely to produce the desired result.

In many cities, priests of Laurent also work as fortune-tellers. This is true both of those who might be connected to the temple in the town or to traveling priests. In these cases, the temple welcomes the newcomer, as long as they do not ply their trade too long, or too well.