Leadro Hanaestor

From Ardrana

Leadro Hanaestor was a human nobleman, son of Lawrence and Dralia Hanaestor and second Duke of Semmarch. Leadro's time as Duke was mostly notable for moving the seat of the duchy from Semmarch to Byngh, where he had acquired a large amount of land.

Leadro was the brother of Lanthana Hanaestor and Tantala Pallianor. He had no children of his own, but when he was thirty-eight he married Nelestra Arbat, the widow of Madricus Pallianor, and took in their three children, Mirdael, Malzin, and Mortimer as his own.

Leadro passed away several years ago, and he passed his title on to Mirdael. It was shortly thereafter that Mirdael withdrew his duchy from the White Alliance and returned it to its ancient name, Hanaellan.