Liyyera (deity)

From Ardrana

Liyyera is the Ardic goddess of love and beauty. She is the twin sister of Losyera. Like her sister, she is represented by one of the twin moons that circle Ardrana. She and her sister are considered the patronesses of the Lastini, and the preeminent temples of both are located in Boniesca, the capital city of their homeland, Matria.

Within the traditional Lastini pantheon, Liyyera's position as the goddess of love represents more than romantic love, and has additionally the connotation of all variations of love. Sisterhood, kinship, friendship, love for one's work, passion for one's hobbies, and even the longing one might feel for something one cannot attain all fall under the purview of Liyyera.

Liyyera's holy symbol is a red heart with a moon orbiting it.