Lone Wolf Inn

From Ardrana

The Lone Wolf Inn opened shortly after Sylennore was established and has been a favored place of respite for merchants passing through the town. Its owner and proprietor, Rex Cunningham, has fostered a good reputation for the place, but there are rumors that persist of questionable measures he has taken to ensure his inn's continued success.

The main room is well-appointed with well-made wooden furniture and a large fireplace at one end. The mantlepiece and wall sconces are carved in the shape of wolf heads with gleaming eyes. A raised platform opposite the fire serves as a stage for entertainers passing through who wish to sing for their supper. The floor is a solid mass of crushed stones of varying hues. A door in the back corner leads to the sleeping chambers beyond.

It costs three gold pieces to stay the night and receive a light breakfast the following morning. A midday meal costs 3 silver and the evening meal costs 5 silver. Additional services such as in-town messengers are available for an additional fee.