Losyera (deity)

From Ardrana

Losyera is the Ardic goddess of the arts. Sometimes called "The High Aesthete", she is the twin sister of Liyyera. Like her sister, she is represented by one of the twin moons that circle Ardrana. She and her sister are considered the patronesses of the Lastini, and the preeminent temples of both are located in Boniesca, the capital city of their homeland, Matria.

Within the traditional Lastini pantheon, Losyera's position as the goddess of the arts represents more than the various forms of high art. She also represents appreciation for all creative endeavors, as well as for all things found in the world, both in form and in function.

Losyera favors no color in particular, but her holy symbols always reflect the art form the priest uses to honor her. The titles bestowed upon her priests also reflect their chosen art form.