Madricus Pallianor

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Madricus Pallianor was a Human mage from the town of Tindon. He was the second eldest of the four children of Lord Morley Pallianor and his wife, Tasha. When Lord Morley became the leader of the White Alliance, he sought from Tristan I, the last monarch of Kellan, the title of Duke of Emmerdale (now Hanaellan) for Madricus. That boon was granted, but the young mage quickly grew restless, leaving the running of the duchy to his younger brother, Milvey.

Studying at Jar-Kahn

Indeed, Madricus was reckoned a great student of magecraft. His specialty was spells of Summoning, but he had little difficulty mastering any of the arcane arts he chose to study. He was invited to study at Jar-Kahn, and learned rapaciously. His youngest brother, Leviticus, was soon invited to the school as well, and the two often worked together on research, and the occasional adventure. These were the happiest times in Madricus' life.

Return to Emmerdale

It wasn't long, however, before Madricus' father fell ill. Madricus came to Morelenas and, along with his eldest brother, Larsus, was at his bedside when he died. This event brought a change over Madricus, who vowed to return to Emmerdale to undertake his duties. Leviticus warned against this, knowing his brother would regret abandoning his craft, but Madricus insisted he had changed. He married Nelestra Arbat, the daughter of Nielsen Arbat, one of his father's friends and a renowned general during the Wars of Arin.

Later years and death

Over the next few years, Madricus and Nelestra had three children, Mirdael, Nilitha, and Malzin. However, when Nelestra announced she was pregnant for a fourth time, things changed once again. As his brother had warned, Madricus had grown bored with life at court, and yearned for his days of adventuring with Leviticus. This time, though, when he approached his brother, Leviticus reminded him of his responsibilities at home. The warnings fell on deaf ears, however, and Madricus went off into Arin, where he was slain. His youngest son, Mortimer, was born just a few months later.

Madricus was a PC played by John Proulx.