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Maialen is a Lastini priestess of Nacyera from Boniesca. Raised in the dense downtown area of the city by a poor single mother, Maialen was often made to look after her triplets siblings while their mother was away working as a blacksmith's apprentice. She often brought the triplets to the temple of Nacyera, both for assistance in handling them and spiritual comfort in the goddess' guidance. In addition to watching her siblings for her mother, she raised extra money for the household by being a street minstrel with a second-hand lyre.

Through her early teens, she gradually came to see the priesthood of Nacyera as an extended family, eventually becoming an initiate almost as an afterthought. As she grew older she realized she was uniquely well-suited to this role, and quickly rose in esteem among the priesthood -- much to the chagrin of her mother, who lamented having placed so much responsibility on her eldest daughter at such a young age.

After a while, Maialen grew restive, wondering if perhaps there was not some greater destiny for her. She began to hear stories of the Lastini diaspora that was the result of First Matrian Migration, how some of them had rejected the Lastini deities in favor of those worshipped in their new land. She decided to take it upon herself to travel to the Lanad and correct this heresy. She left Matria by ship and arrived in the city of Daro to begin her mission.

Maialen is a PC played by Penelope Romero.