Malzin Hanaestor

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Malzin Hanaestor is the middle-born of the three sons of Madricus Pallianor and his wife, Nelestra. Malzin was but two years old when his father was killed while adventuring, but among all three he is the only one to remain loyal to his father's memory. When his mother remarried, to Leadro Hanaestor, he never warmed to his stepfather. This became a sticking point between Malzin and his elder brother, Mirdael, who had come to bear ill will against Madricus for going off and adventuring.

When Mirdael became Duke of Emmerdale, he and Malzin had a serious falling out. Malzin argued that the title had been granted to Madricus and the Pallianor family, and that Mirdael had sullied it by continuing with the Hanaestor name. Mirdael stewed over this for some time, until one day he erupted at his brother. Malzin was banished from the duchy, stripped of his title, and his lands were confiscated. Mirdael not only kept the Hanaestor name, but also changed the name of the land itself to Hanaellan.

Malzin left Byngh, where he had lived since his birth, and his whereabouts today are unknown.