Marcus Pallianor

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Marcus Pallianor is a Human fighter from Morelenas, and also carries the official title of Duke of Morelenas. As such, he sits on the White Council, though more often than not he cedes that position to his sister, Mariam, to whom he has also granted title to the family's estate in Tindon.

Marcus is the second son of Larsus Pallianor, who was himself the eldest son of Lord Morley, one of the architects of the White Alliance. His father died when he was very young, and he and his siblings were raised primarily by their mother, Almida. During that time, Marcus' uncle, Milvey, served on the Council, while his brother's children grew.

When Marcus' elder brother, also named Larsus, was killed at the age of eighteen while adventuring, it was expected that when Marcus came of age, he would be the one to take his grandfather's place. Indeed, following Morley's death and Milvey's rise to the council presidency, he was offically made a member of the Council at seventeen -- the youngest person ever to sit on the White Council. At that time, Milvey announced that he had plans to retire soon so that Marcus could replace him.

Like much of his family, though, he is more interested in adventuring than he is in politics, and for several years he traveled with Mello Yellow and his company, allowing his uncle Milvey, who had long since stepped down from the presidency, to occupy his seat until his death two years ago in a mountain-climbing accident. Marcus attempted again to evade his responsibility, but Leviticus declined to take his place, citing his recent elevation to Dean of Invocation at Jar-Kahn. Thus, he officially holds the position as the head of Lord Morley's direct lineage, although as noted, his sister typically speaks for him at council meetings.