Mastepha (deity)

From Ardrana

Mastepha is the Ardic god of logic and of scientific discovery. He is represented by the reddish moon that hangs in place over the northern part of Ardann i'Parastha. Just as Mastepha is said to watch over the Elven city of Pretic, waiting for its return, so do priests of Mastepha often refer to themselves as We Who Watch. Their preeminent temple, known as the First Observatory, sits beneath the moon, in the city of Imor.

Each temple dedicated to Mastepha is further designated to be specialized in a different field of science. Before a new temple is built, its adherents must submit an application naming their specialty. The high priest in Imor then convenes a hearing to determine whether that specialty is sufficently different enough from those of existing temples to allow its construction.

The faiths of Mastepha and of Malarik often come into conflict, as followers of Malarik often eschew the process of science while those of Mastepha consider magic to be something of a blight upon the laws of nature. Still, these conflicts tend to arise mostly in the philosophical arena rather than on the battlefield.

Mastepha's favored color is red, the color of the moon that bears his name. His symbol is a long, narrow triangle lying on its side.