Mentoncha (city)

From Ardrana

The capital city of the Lastini country of Mentoncha is also known as Mentoncha. This seaport on the eastern coast of the Lanad was established 150 years ago, shortly after the Lastini people settled in the region following their departure from Matria. Queen Caldrana, in an attempt to learn more about her new surroundings, set out from Pescara to explore this new land in hopes of finding the ideal location for her palace, and thus the capital of her people. She found a beautiful cove to the north of Pescara, and founded the city of Mentoncha there. This journey is considered the first Journey of Enlightenment.


As time went on, the city developed a proud seagoing tradition. A few years after settling, Princess Calestra opened up trade with Rogariel, which proceeded to flourish. This helped to bring in the needed supplies to build a splendid marina and a very diverse marketplace. Some of the most noted establishments in the marketplace include Baffle's Bluff Bar & Grill, Bikora's Bait & Boat Shop, Klesticar's Baked Goods, and, oldest of all, the Dancing Marlin Café. A large fountain stands in the center of the marketplace which serves as a tribute to the three gods the Lastini people hold in high regard – Bassik, Liyyera and Losyera.

Recent years have also seen the expansion of the Calle de Tierrimar to Mentoncha from Mentemar, allowing goods to reach the city by land as well as by sea. With it has come additional relations with cities to the south, especially Gascar.


With so much activity in and around the marketplace, the city guard is kept very busy. The elite among this guard are charged with protecting the royal palace and its occupants. Contrary to what one might expect from a matriarch, a man by the name of Klindic heads the elite guard and there is a constant rivalry between the elder and younger princesses for his attention.


Mentoncha is built around Fluraje Cove, the largest harbor on the eastern coast of the Lanad between Agropthos and Gascar. Its skyline is dominated by Castle Caldra, built on a bluff on the north side of the cove. Outside the cove sits a line of barrier islands which aids in protecting the city.