Mentoncha (country)

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Mentoncha is a region on the eastern coast of the Lanad, south of the Cardillic Desert. It is bounded on the east by the Golden Ocean, on the north by Cardyl (one of the Seven Deserts), on the west by the Filitir Forest, and on the south by Kellan. It spans 300 miles north to south and 30 miles east to west. Mentoncha's capital is also called Mentoncha.


The country was founded by a group of Lastini who had migrated from Matria. They originally settled in what is now the city of Pescara, but the capital city of Mentoncha was founded soon afterwards. Ever since then, the country has been slowly trying to integrate itself with the rest of the Lanad. The country's population is still over ninety percent Lastini by race.


The original Lastini settlers were led by a noblewoman named Lithra, who was chosen to be their first queen, Caldrana. She and her descendants comprise the House os'Sarani, an hereditary matriarchy. The current monarch is Queen Chatha. Below her are the two Duquesas: Tiburona, ruler of Pescara, overlady of the southern part, or ducada, of the country and the senior of the two; and Delfina Envianada, who oversees the northern ducada from her castle in the city of Mariscora. Following them are the various Condesas, Vizcondesas, and Damas that make up the remaining Lastini nobility.