Milvey Pallianor

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Milvey Pallianor was a Human nobleman, the third child of Morley Pallianor, Duke of Morelenas. Born in the town of Tindon to Morley and Tasha Pallianor, he lived most of his life in Morelenas. His two elder brothers, Larsus and Madricus, and his younger brother, Leviticus, were all famous adventurers and war heroes, but it was Milvey who carried on the political side of the Pallianor family lineage.

Early life

Though he was not an adventurer as were his brothers, Milvey did enjoy traveling, and roamed across Kellan. While still a young man, his father appointed Milvey his official emissary, representing the interests of the duchy in Hanmer. As such, he was an obvious choice to succeed his father as President of the White Council. Indeed, due to the lack of desire of Larsus' eldest son, Marcus Pallianor, Milvey remained on the Council, representing the duchy, until his death two years ago in a mountain-climbing accident.

White Council Presidency

Milvey's tenure as White Council President can perhaps best be described as "uneventful". The SouthLands faced no real threats during his time in the presidency, and although he did solidify the bonds of the White Alliance, he did not expand its scope by more than a small amount. He was the man who officially brought the island of Transha under the leadership of the Council, but in name only. While many dismiss Milvey as a placeholder, there are those who believe his true accomplishment was simply keeping the peace and holding the alliance together without a true unifying event, which cannot be said for his successor, Lukus the Blue.


Milvey and his wife, Sulinsa, had four children. Marvin, the eldest, became the Earl of Tindon upon the death of Morton Pallianor, son of Milvey's uncle Murphy. The others are Melian, Marlon and Miana.