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Mingsha is an Elven Painter -- a priestess of Losyera from Shael i'Vor dedicated to the art of painting and drawing. She joined Corelda and her party on a shipboard voyage to Jar-Kahn. After Vel was put in prison, she was asked by Vel to take responsibility for the party, but Vel wound up on board the ship anyway very quickly via the machinations of a spy on the Elven Council of Shael i'Vor, following which they wound up stranded on Ondolor Island.

After getting off the island, Mingsha guided Stubbletoff through the painting of Sequoia's trident as punishment for his nearly causing the party to have to fight all the kuo-toa there. After the mission, Mingsha brought Vel back to Shael i'Vor.

Mingsha was a PC played by Kate Christian, and is now an NPC.