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This article is about the deity. For the blink dog companion of Quaithan Fearing, see Morelen (dog).

Morelen is the Ardic god of rulership and, by inference, of all that is. He is the leader of the Ardic pantheon, and is sometimes known as the "Leader of Leaders". He is father to Gaiya, Varice, and Vendamatrix. His preeminent temple is in the city that is named for him, Morelenas, and is called Inspiration's Height.

The holy symbol of Morelen is a crown, and his worshippers consider the colors royal blue and white to be sacred. These are the colors that were adopted by the White Alliance, and also by the Dukes of Morelenas, in his honor.

Priests of Morelen have a complex relationship with priests of Zakhirin. They consider such priests untrustworthy, and often suspect them of plotting their downfall. Those few cases in which this has, in fact, been true have only served to heighten their distrust. Fortunately for them, such priests are relatively rare.