Morley Pallianor

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Morley Pallianor was a Human adventurer, nobleman and statesman from the town of Tindon. He is known as the father of the White Alliance, of which he was the first president, and is called by some the greatest figure in the history of the SouthLands.

Lord Morley was a minor nobleman from Tindon, a small town in the southern part of Kellan. He, like much of his family, considered himself something of an adventurer, and routinely went on quests in the MidLands. He accomplished some great deeds in the service of Xorg, ruler of the city of Braith, and thus forged a bond with him and with his people.

During his time in the MidLands, Morley was struck by the power of the mighty Onyx Empire, which ruled nearly the entire region. He realized that Braith, in the midst of the Thair Mountains on the empire's southern border, was all that stood between his lands and the depradations of Keraptis, and so he went to Tristan I, his liege and the ruler of Morelenas, to convince him that Kellan should be united to protect against this threat. Tristan considered the task impossible, but told Morley that he was welcome to take it upon himself.

And, indeed, that is what Morley did, as he traveled to all the cities of Kellan, from Kimelis to Gascar, from Morelenas to Byngh, and convinced the vast majority of nobles that the Onyx Empire would be a threat to them. Thus was formed what has come to be known as the White Alliance, which now spans nearly the whole of the SouthLands south of the East-West Road. Morley himself became the head of the first White Council, and for his efforts was named the first ever Duke of Morelenas, second only to the Kellanic monarch in importance, and after the passing of Tristan one of the permanent seats on the Council. Tristan's son, Tristan II, then renounced the throne, leaving no heir, thus making Morley the de facto ruler of Kellan.

Morley's wife, Tasha, was also a member of the White Council as the Duchess of Gascar, a title she ceded to her brother upon her marriage. They had four children: Larsus, Madricus, Milvey and Leviticus. Milvey would succeed Morley, both as Duke of Morelenas and as president of the White Council.

Morley's younger brother, Murphy Pallianor, was also involved in the Wars of Arin. However, the two had a falling out. After Murphy's death and the ascension of Morley to the position of Duke of Morelenas, Murphy's son Morton sought a loftier title from the new duke. However, Morley chose not to grant the request, and the two branches of the family have yet to reconcile.