Nazivonema Public Repertory

From Ardrana

The Nazivonema Public Repertory is a theatrical troupe based in Nazivonema. It was founded a few months ago by Thomlin, a retired adventuring bard who also serves as the group's business manager and director, as a traveling company. However, they have now taken up permanent residence at the Versilo Amphitheatre.

The company's first production was Manotikitiya, which was performed at several venues across the central Lanad. After the success of the run, Thomlin decided he wanted the group to have a permanent home, and secured funding from Indira, a local actress, who became his business partner (much to his eventual chagrin). She also serves as the company's stage manager.

After securing their spot in Nazivonema, the group set about mounting a production called The Sea-Going Ghost, a sequel to Manotikitiya written by Thomlin during their previous tour. The show was successful enough to be selected for showing during the Fall Festival, and is currently still in production.

The troupe currently consists of seven members: