Niccolo de'Medici

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Niccolo de'Medici is a Halfling thief hailing from the Medici Islands and is a member of the House de'Medici. Niccolo is an accomplished sailor and has some experience serving aboard Medician merchant vessels. He has at least one sibling, his younger sister Venturia.


Niccolo is very charismatic and gets along well with most that he encounters. He speaks in the common language and has been known to shift inflections and dialect depending on his mood. This can probably be attributed to the various mercenaries he has served with aboard ship. Although Niccolo is a noble he is not treated by his family as particularly noble nor does he view himself that way. However, his etiquette has been known to go over well when attending formal affairs. Any faux pas he may have committed were quickly dismissed by his rapier wit or his charms.


Recently, Niccolo left the islands to attempt to make a name for himself on the mainland of Lanad i'Sarois. His first stop was Mentoncha, where he was hired by Allegra Brownstoke to aid in her quest to retrieve a key that was lost. After that mission came to an abrupt end, he joined a group looking to attack some pirates. His bad luck continued, as that group soon broke up, and he is looking for his next job.


Niccolo is a PC played by Eric Smith.