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NightShade is an Elven thief who occasionally goes by the nickname "Leather". Along with her younger sister, Gabriella, she has been adventuring for several years, occasionally doing work for the Thieves' Guild of Nazivonema between adventures. NightShade is also fairly close to Mace Nighthammer -- they are at least close friends, and there has been the occasional hint that there is more than that to their relationship, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

NightShade spent the early part of her career traveling with a variety of adventuring groups. Recently, she and her sister traveled to Jar-Kahn to investigate the contents of a mysterious container being carried by Antos, where they were waylaid by a fellow party member. NightShade was not captured, and aided in the rescue of their companions. She and her sister have since returned to Nazivonema.

NightShade was originally a PC played by Michael Ritskowitz, and is now an NPC.