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From Ardrana

This adventure began with the group of adventurers led by Bardo disembarking from the Mutaradat al'Barq, having failed to retrieve the blue dragon egg. They were made an offer by an Elven artificer named AutumnRose, and arrived at the janni encampment to hear her out. After meeting with Jessa to barter with the magical items they'd found in the dragon's lair, Siege procured a suit of magical armor and several bags of holding were acquired. Solidus was also able to purchase an uncharged wand of fireballs.

The group then gathered, and Rose transported them to a Red Dragon Inn -- or at least, that's what was claimed, as there were some distinct differences from the usual, including races nobody present had ever seen. Rose then brought them down to meet the proprietor, Percy, whom Klaven recognized as the former barkeep of the RDI in his old stamping grounds, Semmarch. Percy noted that they were no longer on Ardrana, but in a place called Oberon Base -- the first RDI on another world.

Percy and Rose explained that the Red Dragon Inn was opening up a new location in Promise Junction, a town in eastern Arin that the organization saw as having potential. They wished to hire the party as trouble-shooters, performing tasks in the area for both the RDI and for the locals. Specifically, they were having particular trouble with Gar-Bears orcs, and were especially hoping that Eckhorn would become their strategic planner while also serving as a cook. They also enticed Solidus with the prospect of founding a temple of Varice, Bardo and Zammocaz with the possibility of founding a school of the arcane, and Emi and Makoto with establishing a thieves' guild. Gilbert would also have a permanent venue for his performances.

While the party mulled over the offer, the two mages decided to decline, wishing to continue their education at the University Al Maneera. Noting that this would leave the party short on casters, Siege brought up his friend Alvin Haler, who had been left behind in Gascar. After some further discussion, the party agreed, and they were brought through the Astral conduit that links the Red Dragon Inns to Promise Junction.

A New Red Dragon

The group arrived at their destination to find it almost entirely empty. The only people were a bartender, a barmaid, and one man sitting at a table. Rose introduced the proprietor, Sinjamin Brovory, and the maid, Kringa. Klaven soon joined the one apparent customer, who instead turned out to be Bramus, a warrior who would be working with the group. They were soon joined by Toshiro, a mysterious figure who said little but seemed to form a bond with Eckhorn, presenting him with a book.

Lunchtime arrived, and a few customers trickled in. One was a Dwarven merchant named Brox, who invited Klaven to check out the Dwarven shops along the road to the south. He mentioned that they were building that road to eventually connect to the Thair Mountains for trade. A bit later, another past acquaintance of Klaven's arrived: Airlia, who mentioned that others who frequented the Semmarch inn had come to the area, including their mutual friend Rodney.

After lunch, Bramus led the party on a brief tour of the village. The party took special note of the temple of Gruumsh along the main road and the ruined temple of Perasin across from it before moving on to the Dwarven settlement...

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