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Nyla is a Human barbarian warrior originally from the wilds of eastern Desilyr. She left the clan into which she'd been born at the age of fifteen, joining a second clan soon thereafter and taking a husband there. This second clan, the Clan of the Silent Moon, was nearly wiped out by another clan, the Tribe of the North Star, led by Turgan Khan. She was kidnapped during this raid and was forced to become Turgan's concubine. However, she escaped this bondage, wounding Turgan in the process, and decided it was time to make her own way.

For several years, she served as guard for both individuals and groups, eventually finding herself in the Cardillic Desert. She has lived there for the past three years, mostly in the city of Agropthos. There, she joined an adventuring party led by Zdeneka Prahaska, eventually making her way to the village of Promise Junction. While escorting a caravan back to that village, she was killed by achaierai, and is now awaiting the possibility of being raised.

Nyla is a PC played by Louise McLeary.