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Pikilily is a Gnomish thief originally from Flohrilynn Forest. Daughter of the local head priest of Gaiya and his jeweler wife, she left her conservative upbringing behind quite early to become an adventurer seeking excitement, riches and an easy life. Since that early separation, Lili has roamed as an acrobatic performer and free-agent thief who has joined several adventuring parties. Recently, she has traveled in the company of Elka, her wolfhound mount.

Lily is a trickster who loves to tease, but always has a smile and sunny disposition so it is hard for others to stay angry with her. Her outward profession is as an acrobatic performer, but at heart she is a thief who loves free gold, gems and any other trinkets she can happily retrieve from pockets, pouches, and packs. It is said that she can steal a large roll of coins from a fat man’s pocket in the blink of an eye. She can also persuade treasures to land in her pouch from patrons as she spirals over them in acrobatic feats.

Recently, Lily joined a traveling circus run by Barnaby, performing as an acrobat while working the crowd as a pickpocket. Upon arriving in the village of Promise Junction, she was approached by Oashirt to join his prospective thieves' guild, which she has taken under serious consideration.

Pikilily is a PC played by Syd Howard.