Pirates Ahoy!

From Ardrana

This adventure began following the failure of Allegra Brownstoke to get the key to her book. Four members of that party -- Diosa, Malaba, Niccolo de'Medici, and Tempest Tits-And-Ash -- returned to Mentoncha, arriving at La Onda. There, they met Gavin, who offered to bring them aboard his ship, the Faltremar, to drive off a band of pirates that had been raiding the area.

The next morning, the party boarded the ship and set sail, arriving in Queral that evening. They spent most of that evening gathering information, discovering that the raiders had attacked Queral about a month prior. However, they quickly ran into a dead end and went their separate ways.

This adventure has, at various times, involved the following characters:

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