Promise Junction

From Ardrana

Promise Junction is a town in eastern Arin, close to the western fringe of the Cardillic Desert. It was built on the ruins of Fhegdh, a former orcish outpost from the days of the Onyx Empire which was destroyed during the Wars of Arin. The most prominent structure in town is the temple of Gruumsh, one of the few buildings to survive intact.

Today, the town serves something of a symbolic function. Its mayor, a half-drow named Labeese, wishes to turn the town into a place where creatures of many different races live together peacefully. The town's population consists primarily of humanoids -- orcs, goblins, gnolls and the like -- in addition to Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. The rebuilding has to date centered on the first branch of the Red Dragon Inn in the region, but is slowly beginning to expand from there.


The town is built primarily along Onyx Road 46, which runs generally east-to-west, heading deeper into Arin to the west and toward Sandpit and a few other small towns on the fringes of the desert to the east. The temples to Gruumsh and Hruggek lie along the north side of the road, across from the ruins of what was once a temple of Perasin, on which an effort is currently being made to rebuild it. The few shops in the village are east of these. West of the temples are the settlements of the humanoids, and beyond that lies the forest of Eskalikor.

Further to the east, a second road is being built by a group of Dwarves from the Thair Mountains, which they hope to turn into a major trade route. This road runs north-south, and the Red Dragon sits on the northeast corner of the intersection. Further north lies the mayor's manor, and beyond that Lake Shen. Beyond this road to the east are farms, along with a small shrine to Sedric and Ceiling Cat.