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Rogariel is located at the tip of the Varrag Peninsula. It is quite isolated, even from other cities in the Cardillic Desert, with the nearest settlement large enough to be called a town nearly three hundred miles away. As such, the city has developed a very distinct culture. The area around it is itself considered one of the Seven Deserts, also called Rogariel. The city is ruled by the Sultana Sadalmelikha, who is (or claims to be) directly descended from the city's founders.


Nearly all travel to and from Rogariel is done by ship. The city is a major port on the Golden Ocean, and the farthest such port to the east. Rogariel trades with many other cities, mostly by sea, from other desert cities like Agropthos, Agrabah, and Cardimer to farther destinations like Mentoncha, Gascar and the Medici Islands.


Rogariel is often called the City of Sages, for it is well known as a center of learning. It is home to the University Al Maneera, one of the largest educational institutions on all Ardrana, as well as a number of smaller schools.


Rogariel is also considered something of a spiritual center, being home to a number of large temples. As with much of the Seven Deserts, Laurent is highly revered here, but Bassik, Malarik and Mastepha also have large numbers of followers in the city. The tenets of the LifeSpirit are also followed by many of Rogariel's people.