The Colonel

From Ardrana

The Colonel is the ruler of what is now called the Empire of Sambarria, a sprawling region that encompasses much of central Ardann i'Parastha. The Colonel, whose given name is Ozrick Heth, was the leader of a coup that overthrew the government of Sambarria seventeen years ago, and has ruled the empire ever since. He prefers to use the title rather than his given name, as he believes it it is more likely to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Tales say that The Colonel seized power because the previous ruler, King Herkett, refused to take offensive action against a number of smaller countries that had occasionally attacked Standrick, the capital of the empire. The city was strategically important, being located at the northern end of the Zemodi Trail, and thus was a tempting target for local luminaries. Eventually, The Colonel decided to take matters into his own hands, seizing power and executing the king.

Since then, The Colonel has undertaken a massive expansion of the country, using his newly-bolstered military to conquer a number of neighboring lands. It is said he has his eyes on further expansion, perhaps into The Inner Kingdom itself. He has also undertaken a reorganization of the region, moving the capital from Standrick to the more central city of Warroad, a city built on the direct specifications of The Colonel. In the process, he has also been responsible for building a number of roads, as well as the paving of large portions of the Zemodi Trail itself.