The Temple Geas

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In return for the raising of Alton Coboral, he and others -- including Marcus Hawkwing and Nevyn -- were placed under a geas by the Allied Temples of Nazivonema. The task: to bring down a temple of Kuraliskar that had appeared in the heart of the Cardillic Desert near the city of Agropthos.

Journey to the Seven Deserts

The party set out across the countryside, ending up in Mentoncha, the home of Corelda. She arranged passage on the ship of Captain Gaiego, which brought them to Agropthos. Gillek refused to board the ship, but Alysten used her knowledge of herbs to drug him, and he was brought aboard. While there, the party encountered a trio of characters named Giobeth, Lehandro and Sashiel. Unbeknownst to the party, these three worked for the Assassins in the Service of Good, and had been assigned by that organization to join Corelda.

To the stronghold

The geas began its work nearly immediately upon their arrival. Shortly after arriving at the Inn of the Shifting Sands, Alton, Nevyn and Marcus attempted to leave the city after dark despite its curfew. They were arrested, and the rest of the party bailed them out.

The party went to the temple, and looked for a way inside. While outside the walls of the compound, the group were spotted and fired upon. Nevyn was hit, and Lucky, the dog he had been given by Vel so that there could be thirteen members of the party, ran away. The party eventually cleared the guards off the top of the wall and climbed over.

Once the rest of the group was inside, Vel shot fire arrows into the compound, enabling enough of a distraction for the party to free some of the prisoners being held inside. Unfortunately, it also caused the prison area to burn down, which resulted in the deaths of other prisoners. They discovered an underground passage leading into the temple proper and, after fighting their way through zombies, Lehandro and Sashiel were able to consecrate the altar to Kuraliskar, thereby making it useless to the evil priests, while the rest of the party faced down a barrage by the Servants of Kuraliskar, including a group of mind-controlled slaves.

Not over yet

Upon returning to Agropthos, they found that the geas had not been lifted. Vel purchased another dog, named Moonbeam, and the party recruited a fighter named Doug to return the party to thirteen in number. The party had to return and physically destroy the temple itself, a task that was made more difficult by the presence of a group of aarakocra during their return visit. Eventually, however, the task was completed, and Alton was freed from the geas.

On the return trip, the party attempted to open a box which had been discovered within the high priest's chamber. Unfortunately, the box concealed a deadly trap, which killed Giobeth. Within the box, however, was discovered a mysterious rod, which would later become integral to further adventures.

Cast of characters

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