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Duquesa Tiburona is a Lastini noblewoman, ruler of the city of Pescara and overlady of much of southern Mentoncha. As ruler of the oldest city in the land -- a fact of which she is very proud -- she is the second most powerful noble in Mentoncha. Her first husband was Celano, and they had one daughter, Phichta. After Celano drowned -- a sudden and suspicious death, according to rumor -- she quickly wed Commaranto, brother of Queen Chatha.

The Duquesa and Dama Phichta are often at odds, as their views on life are quite opposite to one another -- where Tiburona prefers the old ways of the Lastini homeland of Matria, Phichta is a devoted follower of the queen and close friend of her daughter, Princess Conchita. Tiburona particularly enjoys chiding Queen Chatha at every opportunity. She makes no bones about believing Pescara should be the capital instead of the city of Mentoncha. Rumor has it that she has her eye on the throne.

Since Mentoncha has been attempting to form relations with neighboring countries, Tiburona has made sure that she isn't left out. To that end, she has been focused in the past few years on expanding the port of Mentemar on the land's southern border. Although this expansion has come at a substantial cost to her family's treasury, the Duquesa believes that her investment will soon pay off handsomely.