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Toxecanthropologoschimaeranevis, often known simply as Tox, is a proxy of Nevis. No one knows just what type of being Tox was in life, but he appears as a figure in dark grey robes and a hood which obscures the entirety of his person. The only parts of him that mortals have seen are his hands, which are skeletal in appearance.

When there is something amiss on the Prime Material Plane in the realm of death, it is Tox whom Nevis sends to aid his penitents. This has been so for as long as Nevis has been worshipped on Ardrana, so it is possible that Tox may be even older than the world itself. When he is not on the Prime, he has on occasion been seen roaming The Outlands around the Domain of the Dead, presumably in service to his master but perhaps to his own mysterious ends.