Tycho Chervil

From Ardrana

Tycho Chervil is a human fighter from the city of Gascar. The second child and eldest son of Aria Chervil, a noblewoman and former adventuring partner of Ral Brahalst, and her husband Tosthen, he has spent his entire adult life following in his mother's footsteps.

From his childhood, Tycho loved his mother's stories of her days as an adventurer. He also discovered the tales of the Outlanders, and came to idolize Shoto. He vowed that one day, he would form the most famous adventuring crew since the days of the Outlanders, or at the very least of Zorg and Roderick Harper.

About a year ago, after having a couple of missions under his belt, he began this quest in earnest. His first recruit was a young Lastini priestess of Palya named Viensa, who has been his closest advisor. He was soon joined by a mage named Seathan MacFerdy, then by Cymbre and Dockley. After a couple of adventures, he also met a wandering Dwarf named Drax, whom he has also come to trust. These two have formed the core of his team ever since, and are currently helping him rebuild that team after a recent disastrous mission.